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Q and A with Paul James Zack

I had the distinct pleasure of recently being interviewed by author/artist/Renaissance woman Uvi Poznansky.  We talk about my writing, and in particular, about my novel “An Eternal Melody.”  You can read the interview at Uvi’s blog: Uvi at Blogspot   Be sure to check out Uvi’s Facebook site too.


Great authors, new links

Please take a quick look at my Library of Links (click above or right).  Some new links have been added featuring people whose creative efforts are worth viewing. 

Now Available in Paperback: The 26th Game

My novel “The 26th Game” is ready for reading in paperback.  Click on the links above and right to see what the book is about and to read the first chapter.  “The 26th Game” has received Five-Star Reviews at Amazon:

“An extraordinary story: a tapestry woven with mystery, intrigue, adventure and fascinating characters against a spellbinding metaphysical background with spicy undercurrents–something for everyone.”

“The 26th Game creates a journey that not only allows the reader to enjoy this suspenseful thriller, but also explores the possibilities of humanity’s future. A highly recommended book!”



RIP Robert James Waller


My friend and fellow author Robert James Waller has died at 77. Most will recall him as the author of the best-selling novel “The Bridges of Madison County.” Recognition for this was well-deserved. But Bob was more than that. A true Renaissance man, he was also a talented musician and photographer, as well as a master of economic theory and management. He was a romanticist, even as few people truly understand the meaning of the word. Go well, my friend, along the rivers and the long dusty roads, through the Iowa rains and past the old westbound trains.

You are invited to read my newly-posted magic realism short story “The Desk.” Click on the Short Stories tab above right.

An Eternal Melody is now available in paperback

Readers have been asking for a paperback version of “An Eternal Melody” and now it’s here.  The book has received Five-Star reviews on Amazon.  Some of the readers have said:

“Paul James Zack is not only a superb writer, but he also truly understands the sensibilities and feelings of both women and men. He’s crafted a deliciously spiced love story seasoned with a hint of the metaphysical–a modern romance with well-developed characters that had me laughing, crying, titillated and wanting more. His book is a model for what a romance novel should be. And while women tend to be the main consumers of this category, I believe many men will also enjoy this story, especially those who hear the call of the wild.”

“I was mesmerized by the characters. It was surreal to retrace some of the familiar places this Wyoming girl calls home and to view the incredible pictures the author unfolds with his words. He depicts Wyoming beautifully in its landscapes. Wonderful author and a great storyteller!”


Click here to Order the paperback