A novel: The 26th Game

After a cryptic encounter with a man known as the Storekeeper, history professor Dr. Mason Fairfax plunges into an amazing whirlwind of conflict, intrigue and other-worldly enlightenment as he becomes the sole representative of humanity in a game to determine the path of civilization. Fairfax is pitted against opponents of supposed mythological status, but who are instead very much real, and possessing extraordinary powers. The fate of humanity rests on Fairfax’s ability to surmount overwhelming odds, both in the 26th Game and elsewhere, as peril ensues when a shadowy character works to undermine the Game for a dark agenda. Fairfax is assisted by a strong, enigmatic woman acting as his guide, but will events stand in the way of their deepening relationship, and will he prevail in the face of adversity?  Profound metaphysical and symbolic concepts lie within the story, with import for the reality of today’s world.


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